Hey guys!!

7:39 AM

First of all I'm really sorry for disappearing on everyone, it's kind of been a while since I've sat down and written down my thoughts or actions about my day. I don't really know why I stopped, I guess I just got too absorbed regarding other things and forgot about what I actually love doing.

I'm terribly sorry from the bottom of my heart (hehe)

So what have I been up to!? not much really, I'm just sitting in my bed really sleep deprived, I haven't slept and basically pulled an all nighter on my first day after the break, that's horrible. Basically I've been a nightowl for the past 2 weeks, sleeping at day and living at night. Of course my mom has been really hard at me, nagging at me and not letting me sleep... she's a demon when I don't wake up. (Makes me shiver just thinking about it... ugh. 😂)

For those who dont know, this is a plushie from one of my favorite animes! Natsume Yuujinchou, reaaaaally good. I recommend you check it out.

Now, uhhhh. I've had a change of heart to be honest. I used to force myself to write down everything, making sure I updated at least twice a day and kept track of how many visitors I got every minute, it got kind of exhausting so I dropped it... I'm sorry. It got to my head but I promise that I won't do it again so from now on I will be updating whenever I feel like it. I may update for 5 days in a row and then disappear again, but the thing is; if you do wanna check in; do. You can even subscribe if you want to know when I upload new content...? Don't really know what to call it really. 

So what are my plans for today?

My only task and mission for today is ofcourse; getting through the day without falling asleep. It will probably be the hardest task I've assigned to myself, I go through this horrible thing everytime I turn my sleeping schedule upside down and trust me... it's not worth going through. I love sleeping and it's probably something I would sign up for as a job. I could sleep all day (not exaggerating) so uh yeah. Doing some school work if I have the power for it, eating yummy food... working out... oh yeah. About the working out thing lol, I've been working out every 1 day, so work out, skip, workout, skip and so on but we all know what happens on holidays; it was easter so I had to celebrate with meat, salads, potatoes and the dangerous but alluring food we all know as sweets. I stuffed myself with more than 7000 calories in those days, insane actually. I found myself sitting with food in my mouth wherever I went, be it day or night I would be eating.

I know it isn't healthy, trust me. I will be eating healthy from now on (let's hope) and taking care of my body by giving it the food it want-- I mean needs. Nutrients, proteins... 😌

Ahhh so for now I'm gonna sit down and read some of my favorite manga, I'll see you guys sometime soon. Leave a comment down below about anything, like literally anything you want. Love every single one of you who've read this far and I wish you a beautiful day! 💋

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  1. i have also slept appallingly this week so i'm trying to stay awake until i can get a kebab later and go to sleep haha!

    have lovely week!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com


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