Hello new me

9:37 PM

It's been so long since I've sat down and actually written something... just for the sake of me. I maybe mentioned it once but when I was blogging daily I started writing for your sake guys and stopped for mine; it just felt like I had to satisfy you guys and I had this huge weight on my shoulders. The other reason was that my laptop that I used to do all of my blogging on got taken away by my school so that's a bummer. Really. 😔 

But I've honestly missed this lots, so I looked around the house and found a laptop that no one uses, started it up, cleaned it and it works perfectly fine so this is what I'm gonna use from now on. I have so much to write about, I dont even know where to start... hmmm. Well, I've renovated my room. The picture from above is horrible, excuse the hands and all of the stuffed toys 😰

From the beginning we we're gonna hire someone to do the wallpaper in my room, we talked about the price and well... we figured it would be much cheaper if we did it with our own hands. So dad, mum and me decided to buy everything ourselves and oh boy, Í think we looked like lost ducks in the middle of that big storage house with all of the renovating tools, but we got what we needed and it was TONS of work ripping the old wallpapers off, fixing the small holes and uneven places in the walls and putting up the wallpapers. Anyone that has renovated before can probably relate a little bit regarding this, but neverthless I'm very happy with my room and I'll post some pictures later when I've bought my new bed, mirror and decorations. Gonna feel like a completely different room, and have that nice gooey feel to it hehe. 

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